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Not My Phone!

Why People Cry at Work. Duane Allman's Guitar Sold for $1.25 Million. Tiffany Announces Jewelry Line for Men. Morons in the News: Taco Moose.   Canadian Woman Survives 1 Mile Fall. Couple Wears M...

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A Night at Shady Acres Motel

How to Have a Long Happy Life. Bob Watched "The Gauntlet" with Clint Eastwood. Morons in the News.   Jim Szoke with Sports Confuse Me. A Night at Shady Acres Motel. Halsey and Vaping   Denis...

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Lamar the Official Bacon Tester

Blaming Your Flaws on Genetics. Woodstock. Bob's Wet Blanket: Music Festivals. Morons in the News: Wyoming's Dumbest Criminals   Why Airports Are Designed the Way They Are. What Age We Do Adventu...

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The Dream Crusher!

Rather Walk Barefoot Over Legos Pt. 1. Rather Walk Barefoot Over Legos Pt. 2. Fill in the Blank... Queen. Morons in the News.   Your Bad Fashion Judgement. Sometimes You Need to Be a Dream Crushe...

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