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Meet the Birds... Bob and Sheri

America's Most Popular Vegetables. Celebs Who Wont Take Photos with Fans. Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club & Vanderpump Rules. Morons in the News: Robbing the Dunkin' Donuts in an Uber. Small Plates: 25...

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You Can't Have Champagne Every Day

"Woman, Don't You Know What a Dead Squirrel Smells Like?" Americans Do More Online Shopping Than Eating Out at Restaurants Bob's Wet Blanket: The Sun is Not Your Friend Morons in the News: Cat Filter ...

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O.A.R. Live on the Bob & Sheri Show

Happy First Day of Summer It Takes 1,000 Years for a VHS Tape to Decompose Talkback Caller: How Do You Stay in a Committed Relationship? Morons in the News 1 in 4 People Keep Mementos from Past Relati...

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Ultimate Break-Up Songs

Today in History: West Virginia Became a State He's a Fancy Man Sheri May Not Be a Good Driver, But She's a Good Teacher Morons in the News Max & Todd's Ultimate Break-Up Songs Jim Szoke with Spor...

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