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Call Him Trucker Bob

Holiday Stress. Max's Spam Folder. Lava Tubes. Morons in the News: Florida Man Demands Better Mugshot.   Piers Morgan. The World's Oldest Living Couple. Millennial Boyfriend School. Small Plates....

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Saluting Our Veterans

Veterans Day. Smoking in Movies and TV... Yes or No? Kohls' Veterans Day Sales. Morons in the News: Florida Man Impersonates Cop.   Sheryl Crow on Veterans Day. The VFW Hall. The Bean Bag Ashtray...

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Don't Be That Neighbor

Happy Harvey Wallbanger Day! The Average Adult Throws 7 Parties a Year. Todd's the Neighborhood HOA Citizen Patrol. Morons in the News: Stolen Walmart Scooter Bar Crawl.   Things Bob & Sheri ...

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Bob's Taking on the Biker Fantasy

Put That Leftover Halloween Candy in Pancakes. Small Plates. The Bad Sandy Outfit. Morons in the News.   Emma Watson. The Mariah Carey Christmas. How to Deal with Phone Calls You Don't Want to Ma...

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