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Sheri Lynch is an award-winning broadcaster, the author of two best-selling books, and holds a Masters Degree in Social Work. Sheri is also an intermediate-level tap dancer, a crazy cat/dog lady, and the mom of 2 or 6 or 9 kids, depending on who’s home for dinner. A Philadelphia native who was raised in northwestern Wyoming, Sheri is a bookworm, a pop culture fanatic, and an enthusiastic fan of aliens, Bigfoot, zombies, abandoned places, and goofy Americana. When she’s not tormenting Bob Lacey, you can usually find her dragging her husband to visit The World’s Largest Spatula or something equally riveting.

Bob Lacey gave up the opportunity to be a big-time TV star, travel to exotic places throughout the world and be paid really, really well just to be radio partners and BFFs with Sheri Lynch. As a result, he almost never gets to talk about what he wants: growing up in Connecticut, cars, and lighthouses. Bob is known for having the best taste, the best ideas, the best dog – even the best, most helpful germs. He’s a lifelong fan of the Red Sox, The Rolling Stones, and the state of Maine. Bob’s perfect day would include a beach walk with his dog, dinner with his beautiful wife and family, and just for once, everyone agreeing that he’s absolutely right.
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Hey! I’m Justin. If everything goes right with my life, I’ll be able to say that I’ve made a lot of people laugh. That’s at least 70% of the reason why I’m on your radio middays every weekday starting at noon! I’m a movie nerd, a music nerd and a sports nerd, the last of which might not be a real thing. Give me a follow on social media, and listen live every weekday starting at noon for the Flashback Lunch!
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Join Jo, weekday afternoons from 3-7pm! Stay in touch, request a song or just say hi @WBAZRadio
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Simon Marcel

French romantic Simon Marcel is hostof The Rendezvous, atwo-hour,nightly radio experience featuring insightful relationship advice, questions and dilemmas from callers as well as Refreshing and Relaxing BAZ music. One of the last great romantics, Marcelbrings his unique “Joie de vivre,” or “joy of life,” on The Rendezvouseach night. Raised by one of the world’s foremost feminists, he naturally has a respect, insight, love and understanding for all women, which he shares with listeners who call the program to ask questions and get advice.
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Dave Koz

Saxophonist Dave Koz has received nine GRAMMY® nominations, had nine No. 1 albums on Billboard’s Current Contemporary Jazz Albums chart, toured the world, been honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and has hosted the weekly two hour internationally syndicated Dave Koz Radio Show continuously for more than 20 years. The Dave Koz Radio Show can be heard Sundays from 7-9am!
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