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MLB: Dream Matchup; Nightmare Rating

The 2018 World Series between the Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Dodgers is two games old. Major League Baseball finally has gotten a dream match up. Two major markets, two storied franchises, two coasts playing for a championship. On paper, this World Series should be the most exciting one in recent memory. However it just isn't , viewership is down from last year's World Series


Final Wednesday ratings: World Series is down 13% vs. 2017 over two games, some minor ups & downs for scripted shows:

— Rick Porter (@rickporter) October 25, 2018

In what can be nothing short of a head scratching stat there seems to be something that is lacking. Two of the biggest markets, with the biggest payrolls, with the biggest names in the game and viewership is down. Is it because of the games? The games have had many moments where the atmosphere was tense. There have been stellar plays, big home runs, and even though game one was an 8-4 Red Sox win, it was a close game. So what could it possibly be? 


Personally, this matchup just doesn't have the flair that the Houston Astros vs Milwaukee Brewers would have had. Both of those teams are young and new. Houston could have started "dynasty" conversation had they made it. Milwaukee could bring the (almost certain) MVP to the World Series. Instead it's two old teams. LA has been a disappointment for at least a decade now, with a high payroll and nothing to show for it. The Red Sox are a good mix of youth and veterans, however they're lacking a personality. In 2004 they had an entire team of characters. In 2013 they had beards, but this year? What's the draw? It might be wrong to say but even with the best record in baseball and a 2-0 lead in the World Series going into Friday, they are (dare I say) boring. 


This is the exact World Series that media has wanted for years. Some would have called it a 'once in a lifetime' series. Instead it's currently a lackluster one at best. A dream matchup but a nightmare scenario for Major League Baseball.

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