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Are the Boston Red Sox Cheaters?

Durning game two of the American League Championship Series, it appears that a Boston Red Sox pitcher Matt Barnes was shining on the big stage.


This pitcher had pine tar on his arm! Wtf?!? My uncle caught this. @espn @astros @SportsCenter @MLB

— cody (@CodyDaeschner) October 15, 2018


No literally, you can see on his forearm a glistening substance. If you are a Yankees fan or a baseball fan this might look familiar. Now I'm not saying that it was pine tar, I'm not saying that it was anything more than sweat. I am saying that it would be a real shame if this ended up coming back to hurt the Red Sox. 


There are many unwritten rules in the game of baseball. Using substances to get a better grip as a pitcher genuienly doesn't bother me. A cold baseball in early April or October is virtually impossible to fully grip and control. It is however going against the rules. It will probably have a blind eye turned to it, unless it happens again.








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