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New York (Sports) State of Mind

Happy Halloween everyone! It's a great day to be spooky and scary. Today is a day that everyone gets to laugh, dress up and get some sweet treats. Halloween allows people to throw on a mask anything they want. In the sports world, there is no masking to be had. This can be seen even more when it comes to the current landscape of New York sports. 


There has been an unwritten rule that New York sports team absolutely DO NOT "rebuild". It's not allowed in the media to have a New York team rebuild. Yet, here we are, with every team going through some sort of upheave. It has been spoken about at length that the New York Giants are in a rebuild mode. The New York Rangers/Islanders are looking to build for the future. The Knicks/Nets are (seemingly) always 'one summer away' from competing. The Mets are going to need to transition with their new general manager Brodie Van Wagenen.

With the Yankees coming short of their championship goal, many are saying the Jets are the best team in New York. Obviously, with recency bias in effect, the Jets truly are the best team currently in the area. The Jets are still roughly a year (or two) away from truly being a threat. This essentially speaks volumes about the state {pun intended} of New York sports. While the rival city of Boston just got done celebrating their 11th championship since 2001, New York has seen three in that same span. 


Granted Boston sports is an unprecedented expectation to live up to. It still goes to show that success across the four major sports can be obtained. The question is, why aren't these teams able to succeed? Why can't one team hoist a championship torphy? Short answer there have been many moves that have costed sustainable success.


The idea of not being able to rebuild has costed almost every sports team in New York. Now it's coming back to haunt them. It's a spooky time to be a New York sports fan and the scary, dreary times won't be ending any time soon.


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