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Deep Fried Turkey Tuesday!

How is it even possible that Thanksgiving is two weeks away?

Crazy- how fast time is flying. I guess that is a good thing.

As we approach Thanksgiving, one of traditions here at the radio station is DFTT. Deep Fried Turkey Tuesday.

We deep fry a turkey out back behind the studios and everyone is expected to bring something to the Thanksgiving table. It is our work family celebration.

I must admit that Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. No gifts, and all about getting together and enjoying each other’s friendship.

Aside from my work family Thanksgiving – this year, I will be experiencing my first vegetarian feast.

I am okay with that! I prefer all the side dishes anyway. My niece shared this photo of a roasted cauliflower that had my mouth watering. It was sad news this year that the woman who founded the classic green bean casserole recipe passed away. Tip of the hat, and a Thanksgiving toast for her in a few weeks.

Another favorite recipe of mine is a sweet potato gruyere souffle. Yeah, buddy.

I am VERY picky about the stuffing. Not a fan of the giblets, and celery, and some of the other oddities that end up in the stuffing. Oh, and fresh cranberries. I make a spicy jalapeno cranberry relish that holds up on the plate to all these wonderful flavors.


Email me some of your favorite classic Thanksgiving recipes. Jcard@libroadcasting.com

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