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I am usually not that girl, the one that switches her closet around the minute the calendar says it’s a season change. This morning, I was digging out the winter clothes. I didn't get the summer clothes in until the July 4th weekend. Remember how hot that day was?

Now, out come the sweaters, tights, boots, scarves, etc. I pulled on a pair of textured leggings that fit a whole lot better than last winter. Thank you, Kathy Labella at Peak Performance. I worked with her throughout the summer, checking in via phone each week, and learned the right nutrition program for me! Not a diet, a better understanding of how, and what to eat, for weight loss, energy, and vibrancy.

Goals continue. Looking at taking a few classes this winter, and not just fitness classes. Work out the mind. A few continuing education classes. Mind, body, and soul!

What are your goals going into the upcoming holidays, and winter months?

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