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Hank's Pumpkin Town

This morning Justin and I happened to pull into work at the same time. It was a gorgeous sunny morning, and we talked about what a quintessential autumn day it was, and how we should go to Hanks Pumpkin Town down the road, grab some apple cider donuts, enjoy the day taking photos on the pirate ship, etc.

Sounded like fun to me. So, I asked around if anyone wanted to go. Jen, from the front desk said sure, let’s do it. I have been walking with Jen to the post office each day - get my steps in, stretch my legs, and take a mental break.

Some people get lunch, some coffee, we walk.  So Jen and I drove to the post office, and zipped over to our neighbor’s – Hank’s Pumpkin Town!

So fun! Took pictures, walked around one of the pumpkin patches, and brought back a six pack of  apple cider donuts. So tasty. We met Allison, Hank’s niece, and it was such a great break. Highly recommend stopping by Hank’s if you are in the neighborhood. No crazy weekend crowd, and just fun to be outside.

They have bags of apples, fresh baked pies, and lots of other goodies for purchase.  Neil Young, yes that Neil Young, at Farm Aid 18 concert last month encouraged everyone to stop at the farm stand. Meet your neighbors, support the family farm.  The dilemma is that I know those tasty apple cider donuts are SO close to the station. I am still taking all the knowledge I learned from Kathy LaBella, at Peak Performance, regarding my nutrition and weightloss goals, but, It was one donut for the season. It was delicious. A certian percentage can come from sweets... I will walk it off.

I had a blast, I just had to share. Thanks Hank’s Pumpkin Town – I felt like a kid!   


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