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Hope your August is off to a great start. I have been busy working hard and playing hard.

Been out on my bicycle, walking to the beach, jogging a bit, swimming in the ocean. The heatwave sent me straight to the beach, and in the water.

Enjoying the fresh fruit – cherries, blueberries, watermelon. Had a quick check up call with Kathy at Peak Performancerd.com, and I am still struggling to get my protein intake up.

I really must thank Kathy for always encouraging me to get back on track. I have kept my weight off and am now focusing on dropping the next 10lbs.

My activity level has increased, and so has my appetite. It’s a balancing act.

The scale doesn’t move to a lower number as quickly, on this second part. At least for me.

I can see in the mirror that my body shape has changed. I am a bit leaner, my muscles getting defined,

and my clothes fitting better.

Just keep going. Don’t give up.

Kathy will be joining me on Friday’s show, and we’ll be discussing her eBook, and she will be sharing tips with us on how simple it is to eat better, for your body, according to your individual needs.

I am focusing on mindful eating, cleaner eating, and getting enough lean, muscle building protein each day.

Check out her website for more info peakperformancerd.com 


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