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Bring on August

How’s it going? It’s been a very busy couple weeks for me. The Hamptons are in full swing.

Traffic, parties, events, beach time. This past weekend was Chefs & Champagne. A culinary fundraiser for The James Beard Foundation. They do amazing work, and a great deal of education, in the culinary world.

It was a very hot, and humid evening. We got dressed up, and ready to mingle, sample some amazing food, and sip some champagne

Many people think that I am out going, confident, self-assured. I do have a bit of anxiety attending a high-end function, especially here in the Hamptons! One thing I learned is to wear something that you feel good in. Something that makes you feel happy. There are always cameras at these functions. Lots of photos. Social media is all about visual story telling.

I have lost almost 15 pounds since I started working with Kathy and in return have gained confidence.  – I can see, and feel, the difference in my body. I feel lighter and brighter. I have more clarity.

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