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July 4th!

How did it get to be July?! Did you get to see any fireworks this past weekend? I was in Sag Harbor on Saturday, and that was SO fun.

Yesterday I finally believed it was summer and switched my closet around. Put away winter and broke out the summer wardrobe.  

I got lost in a new wardrobe. Clothes I had shoved back, far back, in the closet. You know, not your favorite, go - to -outfit but, if you just loose a couple pounds it will fit better….

So, there I was trying on that little short romper, and it looked way cuter than last summer – because I look better!   I grabbed that summer dress, and, like magic – everything was fitting great! Thank you, Kathy, and Peak Performance RD!

The feeling was addicting, and euphoric. I have been working on getting this body back in shape and getting healthy. I cannot believe I have come this far. I am down twelve pounds and feel empowered to lose the next 10! It hasn’t been easy some days. I still battle portion issues, and still imbibe in an extra glass of wine (or two), but, I am doing it! I am up and power walking, or yoga, or lifting weights in the mornings. Not sleeping in and making excuses. I am getting all my nutrients from real food! I don’t feel deprived, hungry, or like I am missing out. I got this!

If I can do this, you can too. Check out Peakperformancerd.com.

Kathy has a wonderful, informative eBook for sale, plus, a video series, and all the information you need to get you started.  I refer to her eBook to help me remember the science of eating the right things at the right time to keep me sharp, energetic, and looking my best.

Here’s to the next goal – keep positive, and move forward!

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