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US Open Week!

Sorry I missed you last week. I was covering the US Open at Shinnecock Hills. I have never experienced a major championship like that, or a golf tournament. We were working out of the Media Center tent, which was the hub of information for the practice rounds, and the championship. Attached to the Media Tent was the Interview Room. I got to hear, see, and ask questions of Phil, Dustin, Jason, Justin,Tiger and many more. I have never heard that many cameras hoping to capture an image. That image was of Tiger’s million-dollar smile. It really was an experience I will not forget.

The Media Tent was located at the fairway of the first hole. The player practice area was just to the south, by the grandstand closest to the club house. This was a steep uphill walk. Enough to huff and puff up to catch the players putting, chipping, and driving. Our access was inside the ropes, so, we were very close to the players.  I was up, and down that hill numerous times throughout the day, and it was a great leg work out! I usually have an incline on the treadmill at the gym, but, this pushed me in a different way.  All day, for 5 days, to be exact! Not just 30-45 minutes.

 I realized if I don’t go to the gym, my power walks to the ocean are pretty flat! No incline or decline except for the curb.  I lost two pounds last week just running around! I am trying to keep my portions under control, but, it really hit home last week how much the balance of what you eat, and how much you physically move can be that game changing, aha, moment.

Sounds really simple, but, how many of us just work out so we can eat that cheeseburger, cake, or imbibe in some adult beverages? That was me. My thinking for YEARS!  Kathy has guided me with a meal plan individualized for me, and an exercise guideline also individualized for me. Check out her website, Peakperformancerd.com. She has a great eBook series, and videos to help you start your journey to working, living, and performing at your full potential. It’s not a quick fix, it’s being honest with what your goal is. Mine was to learn how to eat better, eat smarter, and drop a few lbs. So far, so good.

I am taking it low, and slow, so it becomes second nature. Feeling great so far, and I am looking at dropping the next 10. Back to Kathy’s visualization tip – hold that 10lb weight in your hand, and think about how great you’ll feel not carrying that weight around all the time…..

Keep heading towards that goal. Whatever it is!


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