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Week 13

Week 13- it’s a lucky number


I am officially down 10lbs thanks to Kathy Labella, and her guidance as my nutritionist, and registered dietitian. We started this journey losing a pound per week. You don’t have to be a math whiz to realize I was behind a week, or three. The scale this morning was ten pounds lighter. I think I gasped. LOL

I go back to her visualization exercise, and hold a ten pound weight in my hand. This is a representation of the weight I shed. I have another 10 to go. I can do this. I get the unison of exercise and feeding your body correctly. I look forward to my salad at lunch! Seriously!  I carry my own cooler here at work, and food prep my day out in the morning,  to keep me eating the right foods, in the right portion sizes , throughout the day.

So nice that the rain ended!! I got outside yesterday and cleaned up the grill. Excited about all the fresh fruits, vegetables and fresh fish, and other protein sources that are becoming available. Seems to me it is easier to shed weight in the summer, with the availability of fresh vegetables and fruit. Plus, wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts.

Check out Kathy’s website. If I can achieve success, you can too. She will work with you and your food preferences, This isn’t a one size fits all program. It is catered specifically for you.



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