On Air

Week 11/12 ish.

Hey! I just returned from a quick vacation to New Mexico. Needed a little R&R before summer kicks in here in the Hamptons. That means my healthy quest continues while traveling, and dining out for days. Thanks to Kathy, she gave me the guidelines for dining out, for healthy options at the airport, and I got through vacation without gaining a pound! I usually come back from trips, heavier, from eating out all the time. Not this trip. I started working with Kathy to get healthier, eat better, and work towards getting my weight down. I am 1/3 closer  to my weight loss goal. I got this.

My personal journey in this is to have a lifestyle change with food. Change takes time. I see positive results every day. Peakperformancerd.com

Taking that first step and asking for help, education, and guidance is hard. doesn't mean you falied. if you are ready to get healthier, happier, lighter and learn, start by just clicking her website. it's a click. 

Remember, all this change for me has been phone consults. I am held accountable for my week. Did I work on getting in my excercise? What are you eating? Seems so basic, but, you work hard at keeping up with some fad diet, right? This isn't fad, it is designed for you. Only you.

Are you excited about the Royal Wedding tomorrow? The royal bride is way into fitness, and nutrition.  

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