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Week 10

Just got off my weekly phone conference with Kathy at Peak Performance. I am feeling empowered by the changes in my diet, and lifestyle.

Don't get me wrong- I still struggle with the portions. Especially at night.  My personal goal is to increase my protein. Not a big meat eater, so this has been a challenge. Kathy has encouraged me every step of the way. 

I am working out in the mornings,  jogging, or bike riding to the beach. I am fortunate to live in such a beautiful area, here in Southampton.

It has become part of my day, something I do for me. That switch has happened. I used to look at exercise as a chore. After training for a marathon (26.2miles), and a Century bike ride ( 100 miles) years ago - I got tired. I did both races back to back. I felt that all I did was train. SO....I sat around eating and drinking all the life I thought I missed out on. Here we are today - Kathy has re-centered my diet, and it's all clicking in again. I needed her guidance, encouragement, and  suggestions on how to feed my body the nutrients it needs. In correct portion sizes of course. LOL. 


Today, we looked at menu suggestions. She is great in helping you rethink, switch up, and add ingredients to keep it fresh and new,

Trying hard to not fall into a food rut. That might work for some people. You know what you are eating, and when. I like variety. I like new.

I need to keep interested by keeping current, and playing in the kitchen. The change in season is bringing lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, which is awesome.


We have been working with her program Nutrition for Musicians. My instrument is my voice. I talk a lot. On air each day, and behind the scenes. I need my voice to be clear, and have energy to get through my shows. Hydration is also very important.

Check out her website Peakperformancerd.com    

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