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week 8 and 9


I have been busy working at this - and am so excited! I am 1/3 to my goal - and starting to see progress. Not that I haven't been, as the compliments are coming in each day.

It's all coming together, and I feel great!

I am still watching my portions, but, really enjoying eating cleanier, and healthier. I am also working my body more than before.

I am back at getting some form of excercise each day. When it all comes together - it's amazing. I feel energetic, have more focus, and don't feel stuck in that food coma haze. Ya know the lethargic, I ate too much haze...

Check out Kathy's website - Peakperformancerd.com.

Our weekly sessions are over the phone. We talk about progress of the week, or those meals, and moments I feel I need a bit of guidance to get through.I have come so far, yet this is just the beginning. It's all connected. What you eat, how you eat, makes a HUGE difference!



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