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Week Six

Week Six is on!

Hey - Guess who is going to the gym 5 days a week. Guess who hit their weekly weight loss goal? Guess who has turned the corner on getting healthy? Thanks Kathy Labella! I have weeks to go, but, it's starting to happen.

Check out her website Peakperformancerd.com.

We have a weekly conference where she gives me tips, advice, guidance, and helps me prepare for the week.

Menu ideas, and amazing tips on how to sustain my energy throughout the day. Pro tips! It's awesome. I am amazed how eating the right things for me, in the right portion size has changed my body, and mind.

One exercise was to hold a  5 lb dumbbell in my hand. Ask yourself how better you'd feel getting rid of that 5 lbs. Less stress on your joints, less fatigue. More energy! Now, think about the next 5 lbs, or 10 lbs. 


She helps me plan menus, make suggestions of a healthy swap out, or healthy alternative. This week I was ecstatic to let her know I have reached the turning point. I have turned the corner. I feel great, and it will only get easier, and the rewards, better!

Thanks Kathy.

Check out the website Peakperformancerd.com.

She works individually with you, and creates a program for you. 

Don't believe me, ask those around me. Coworkers, friends are all amazed. It doesn't happen over night. 

Here we go into week 7! I got this!     

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