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Week Five

Hi! How are you? Kathy (Peak Performance) and I are still on our weekly phone calls - and I am dropping the pound per week as scheduled.
I am going at my nutritional counseling as a lifestyle change. Not a diet. I am educating myself on what, and how much I need to eat and drink to maintain health, vibrancy, and energy.
Five weeks ago I thought replacing french fries with a salad, while enjoying a cheeseburger, was eating healthy. It was a start, and I laugh now. It was a great start,but, no where near what I have learned from Kathy.
I have portion issues! Still do. I keep the measuring cups around to keep me in check. What's one more teaspoon of peanut butter? I want one more spoon of mashed potatoes. Another glass of wine, I worked out today, go for it. That was my thinking. 
I realize now, thanks to Kathy, the balance of dairy, protein foods, vegetable, fruits and grains. This is specific TO me. That's what is so special. I am working with Kathy to design a food plan for me. I do not feel deprived of anything. 
With all the snow storms I was whining I wanted "comfort" food. She gave me numerous menu ideas that fit into my caloric allotment,
and hit my food "soul" right where I wanted! You know what I am talkin' about!
I feel an amazing amount of energy, and mental clarity. Just by changing the food I eat, how I eat, and when I eat. 
I made it through Easter family dinner with out feeling cheated, or deprived. Plus, I didn't gain weight back. The number is going down.
I judge by how I feel, and look in the mirror. The added bonus is the number on the scale going down.
Check out her website. I am so glad I met her, and challenged myself to be better! 
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