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Week Four

Hey! How's it going?!  


Week four is in full swing. I am getting in a groove with my menus, which makes it so much easier. Down the number of  pounds for this week's goal. I am feeling good. I feel empowered. More energy, focused, and less fatigue in my body.


So many people around me, are on no carb diets, Funny thing is I can have carbs. Don't want them. Cruising right past the muffins, bagels, and the pizza! Not craving sweets either. Bonus! 


I cannot urge you enough to check out Kathy's website. I have learned a new way of looking at what food I am eating, and how much I am eating. Remember, I have portion issues. I still struggle with this if it has been a challenging day, or the weekend, or if I am being lazy.


We've discussed simple core excercises, menu suggestions if I am looking for a comfort food on a chilly night. Broccoli is not comfort food.

I am not on a diet. I can eat whatever I want within the proper portions, and percentages of all food groups. She shared a great sweet treat with chocolate!! 

Stop the yo-yo dieting, and learn how proper nurtrition can take off the pounds safely.  Trust me. I am amazed how these  4 weeks have changed my body, mind and spirit.



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