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week three- part two

Happy Monday!

Hope you had a safe, and fun, St. Patrick's Day holiday. I stuck to my meal plan, and enjoyed a lovely spinach salad while most everyone else was deep in corned beef and cabbage ( yuck) and Guinness Shepard pie.

I did imbibe in a Guinness. 

Weekends are challenging to stay within my caloric boundaries. Two reasons:

1) I work out harder at the gym, since I have more time

2) Its the weekend. I want a little more. Alas, I have portion issues - there in lies the rub!


This is a lifestyle change. Doesn't happen overnight, and I push the envelope on weekends. Like enjoying a Guinness. I enjoyed it, but, got right back to following my meal plan.


The number on the scale is going down, I have more energy, and everytime I hit another pound down - I buy myself something! 

My weight isn't the only number decreasing. So is my grocery bill!

The cart is filled with all the vegetables, and fruit, on sale. Gone are the premade frozen meals, ready to heat and eat pizza, etc.


So, I buy myself a little something if I see progress in my health. A new shirt, a new make up item. Something tiny, but, it keeps me walking around the store, instead of staring inside the fridge every 10 minutes.


Off to enjoy my lunch!

Keep it real. 



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