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Week Three

Hope everyone stayed safe through yesterday's Northeaster. So much snow fell here in Southampton. This has been a challenging week for me, as I had family dinner on Sunday. You know the pasta, slow cooked Sunday sauce, warm Italian bread, kinda meal. I was so busy running around chasing nieces, and the twin nephews ( over a year old) that I didn't watch my portions. I went to the gym, had a hard workout, so I allowed myself some more pasta, and a slice of bread. Than the snowstorm yesterday challenged my food choices. Snow storms of the past I would sleep in, cook a huge brunch, nap, and cook up another big dinner. Yesterday, I had avocado toast with poached egg, and fresh tomatoes. Not too bad, off to a good start.  Organized some closets, files. etc..NO NAP! I had some energy to burn. I was looking for that comfort food for a snow day. Avocado toast is NOT comfort food, yet. Slow cooked up some chicken breast, whole grain rice, and steamed a lot of broccoli. I thought I was within my portions specified by Kathy, but, I have portion issues. There I said it. I like to eat. I like my cooking. I HAVE PORTION ISSUES!
All well and good, but, I have to control how much I am eating in one sitting. Its a balance of what, when , and how much I am eating.
I wasn't being mindful, and I wanted that comfort. Remember the goal is weight loss for me - 20lbs to be exact. I am going for a number.
I don't normally focus on the number, I focus on how I feel in my current clothes, and how I look in the mirror. 
The number on the scale moved up a half pound from last week week, but, I know where, and why it did.
My body is changing. The weight is shifting around. I have much more energy throughout the day. I have more mental clarity. 
I do need more physical activity. This is key. It is part of the equation.
I downloaded a yoga app, and a ab workout app. Its a start. The yoga app is simple to follow, and fits into my morning schedule.
My gym is 20 minutes west - and doesn't sometimes work with the traffic patterns out here. (They call it the "trade parade").
So Kathy has encouraged me to move more at the house. There are a lot of videos on you tube  to work out with. 
This is a change I am incorporating into my lifestyle. Kathy listened, and asked many questions about me on my first consultation. Asked about my day to day activities, and it's a project we are working on together. She gives me ideas on how to get more of what nutrients I need. Tips on what to eat to get more protein, and tips on how to keep my portions under control. I didn't binge eat, I just didn't eat enough during the day, and ate like a champ for dinner!
So, I am learning from Kathy, and I don't feel deprived. I am looking at what it is to eat mindfully. 
Take that challenge with me. Pay attention to what you are feeling when you are eating. Are you stressed? Bored? Depressed?
Amazing the amount of food you can consume if not paying attention, and eating to suppress a feeling. I am continuing my food journal, as it helps me with accountability.
EVERYONE is different. 
This week, I get menu ideas from Kathy. Very excited.
Check out her website www.peakperformancerd.com 
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