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Week Two

Happy Saturday!
My conference call with Kathy went great! First week we reviewed family health history, daily lifestyle, and reviewed a general day of what I eat and drink. Ya gotta be real, or this ain't gonna work. Together we came up with a plan of balanced nutrition, and how I should eat throughout the day. Again, you gotta keep it real, if you want to learn, and help yourself.
I had homework last week. I had to measure, and keep track of EVERYTHING I put in my mouth. A food journal. Astonishing, how you don't think about everything you eat. I love a big dinner, and a big glass of wine, ( or two). Kathy, saw that immediately, and asked me to eat more throughout the day, and cut back on that second glass of vino. I knew it, but now I have accountability!
So, I measured, kept my journal, and we had our second conference call.
I am one pound lighter. My goal is to lose 20lbs. I could probably do it on my own, if I increased my activity, but, I am learning so much from Kathy. I am eating smarter, healthier, and giving my body the nutrients it needs. Its okay to eat grains, its okay to eat potatoes. Its so very scientific, and each body is different. My struggle is more protein and more dairy. Two food groups I avoid. Kathy opened my mind to several different ways to get both without a glass of milk ( yuck) or a steak ( yuck!)
I hope to share with you a little bit each day. Have you join me in this journey, and perhaps encourage you to look at nutrition as part of your weightloss. It's really empowering to learn how your body breaks down your food, and liquid intake.
I have always leaned toward a vegeterian lifestyle, occasional meats, but, I have not been fueling my body correctly. All about balance, and moderation. So join me on this crazy journey to a better, healthier me.        
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