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  • Deep Fried Turkey Tuesday!

    How is it even possible that Thanksgiving is two weeks away? Crazy- how fast time is flying. I guess that is a good thing. As we approach Thanksgiving, one of traditions here at the radio station is DFTT. Deep Fried Turkey Tuesday. We deep fry a turkey out back behind the studios and everyone is expected to bring something to the Thanksgiving table. It is our work ...

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  • Goals

    I am usually not that girl, the one that switches her closet around the minute the calendar says it’s a season change. This morning, I was digging out the winter clothes. I didn't get the summer clothes in until the July 4th weekend. Remember how hot that day was? Now, out come the sweaters, tights, boots, scarves, etc. I pulled on a pair of textured leggings...

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  • Hank's Pumpkin Town

    This morning Justin and I happened to pull into work at the same time. It was a gorgeous sunny morning, and we talked about what a quintessential autumn day it was, and how we should go to Hanks Pumpkin Town down the road, grab some apple cider donuts, enjoy the day taking photos on the pirate ship, etc. Sounded like fun to me. So, I asked around if anyone wanted to go. Jen, from the ...

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  •  How did it get to be October? Seriously. I have been so busy trying to grasp the last bit of summer, and embracing Fall. Had a chance to go to Farm Aid couple weekends back. Great performances, and a great message. Support our local family farmers. This time of year the farm stands are jam packed with apple picking, pumpkin picking, capturing all those moments on film. I have be...

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  • August

    Hope your August is off to a great start. I have been busy working hard and playing hard. Been out on my bicycle, walking to the beach, jogging a bit, swimming in the ocean. The heatwave sent me straight to the beach, and in the water. Enjoying the fresh fruit – cherries, blueberries, watermelon. Had a quick check up call with Kathy at Peak Performancerd.com, and ...

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  • Bring on August

    How’s it going? It’s been a very busy couple weeks for me. The Hamptons are in full swing. Traffic, parties, events, beach time. This past weekend was Chefs & Champagne. A culinary fundraiser for The James Beard Foundation. They do amazing work, and a great deal of education, in the culinary world. It was a very hot, and humid evening. We got dressed up,...

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  • July 4th!

    How did it get to be July?! Did you get to see any fireworks this past weekend? I was in Sag Harbor on Saturday, and that was SO fun. Yesterday I finally believed it was summer and switched my closet around. Put away winter and broke out the summer wardrobe.   I got lost in a new wardrobe. Clothes I had shoved back, far back, in the closet. You know, not your favor...

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  • US Open Week!

    Sorry I missed you last week. I was covering the US Open at Shinnecock Hills. I have never experienced a major championship like that, or a golf tournament. We were working out of the Media Center tent, which was the hub of information for the practice rounds, and the championship. Attached to the Media Tent was the Interview Room. I got to hear, see, and ask questions of Phil, Dustin, Jason...

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  • Week 14

      Got out of town this past weekend. Went over to Mystic, Connecticut – great area! Had fun restaurant hopping to get out of all the rain on Saturday. Had a nice lunch at The Engine Room,  a glass of wine over at S&P Oyster House. Chowder over at The Sea Shack. Just tried to keep it all in perspective, and order lite bites, and remember all the tips ...

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  • Week 13

    Week 13- it’s a lucky number   I am officially down 10lbs thanks to Kathy Labella, and her guidance as my nutritionist, and registered dietitian. We started this journey losing a pound per week. You don’t have to be a math whiz to realize I was behind a week, or three. The scale this morning was ten pounds lighter. I think I gasped. LOL I go ...

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  • Week 11/12 ish.

    Hey! I just returned from a quick vacation to New Mexico. Needed a little R&R before summer kicks in here in the Hamptons. That means my healthy quest continues while traveling, and dining out for days. Thanks to Kathy, she gave me the guidelines for dining out, for healthy options at the airport, and I got through vacation without gaining a pound! I usually come back from trips, heavier...

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  • Week 10

    Just got off my weekly phone conference with Kathy at Peak Performance. I am feeling empowered by the changes in my diet, and lifestyle. Don't get me wrong- I still struggle with the portions. Especially at night.  My personal goal is to increase my protein. Not a big meat eater, so this has been a challenge. Kathy has encouraged me every step of the way.  ...

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  • week 8 and 9

    Hey- I have been busy working at this - and am so excited! I am 1/3 to my goal - and starting to see progress. Not that I haven't been, as the compliments are coming in each day. It's all coming together, and I feel great! I am still watching my portions, but, really enjoying eating cleanier, and healthier. I am also working my body more than before....

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  • Week Six

    Week Six is on! Hey - Guess who is going to the gym 5 days a week. Guess who hit their weekly weight loss goal? Guess who has turned the corner on getting healthy? Thanks Kathy Labella! I have weeks to go, but, it's starting to happen. Check out her website Peakperformancerd.com. We have a weekly conference where she gives me tips, advice, guidance, and h...

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  • Week Five

    Hi! How are you? Kathy (Peak Performance) and I are still on our weekly phone calls - and I am dropping the pound per week as scheduled.   I am going at my nutritional counseling as a lifestyle change. Not a diet. I am educating myself on what, and how much I need to eat and drink to maintain health, vibrancy, and energy.   ...

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  • Week Four

    Hey! How's it going?!     Week four is in full swing. I am getting in a groove with my menus, which makes it so much easier. Down the number of  pounds for this week's goal. I am feeling good. I feel empowered. More energy, focused, and less fatigue in my body.   So many people around me, are on no carb diets, Funny...

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  • week three- part two

    Happy Monday! Hope you had a safe, and fun, St. Patrick's Day holiday. I stuck to my meal plan, and enjoyed a lovely spinach salad while most everyone else was deep in corned beef and cabbage ( yuck) and Guinness Shepard pie. I did imbibe in a Guinness.  Weekends are challenging to stay within my caloric boundaries. Two reasons: 1) I work ...

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  • Week Three

    Hope everyone stayed safe through yesterday's Northeaster. So much snow fell here in Southampton. This has been a challenging week for me, as I had family dinner on Sunday. You know the pasta, slow cooked Sunday sauce, warm Italian bread, kinda meal. I was so busy running around chasing nieces, and the twin nephews ( over a year old) that I didn't watch my portions. I went to the g...

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  • Week Two

    Happy Saturday!       My conference call with Kathy went great! First week we reviewed family health history, daily lifestyle, and reviewed a general day of what I eat and drink. Ya gotta be real, or this ain't gonna work. Together we came up with a plan of balanced nutrition, and how I should eat throughout the...

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  • Let's get real!

    I made the resolution to eat healthier, get more excercise, and get more sleep in 2018. So far, I have worked in a nap or two on the weekends, poured another glass of wine with dinner, and have thought about the gym, to the point where I have my gym bag, packed and ready to go, in the car.  Here we are 9 weeks into the new year, and I am nothing but frustrated. Eating healthi...

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