Taylor Swift Shows Up At A Fan’s Bridal Shower

We all know T-Swift is a super nice person and really down to Earth. We also know that she is extremely loyal to her fans. But never did we expect something like this to happen.

Taylor decided to surprise a fan from Ohio at her own bridal shower. This is what Swift had to say about the decision:

“There’s this girl named Gena who’s been coming to my shows for years, and she’s been really, really dedicated and very loyal,” Swift said in a video posted on her YouTube channel. “I was at the management office the other day and we were going through fan mail and invitations and stuff and I got this wedding invitation and I noticed I couldn’t make it to the wedding. But in the wedding invitation there was a bridal shower invitation. And I’ve never been to a bridal shower — so we’re going to fly to Ohio today.”

Here is the amazing video: