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  • Paul Rudd Let’s A Stranger Feed Him For Charity

    Paul Rudd will do anything for charity, including let a stranger feed him, like a baby bird. Watch the gag inducing video below:

  • 15 Popular Misheard Song Lyrics Of 2014

    Gotta love Buzzfeed for gathering these Misheard song lyrics. Did you mishear the words to Cool Kids? That one is on the list! Check out the full list here¬†     Bakers gonna bake? Don’t think so!!

  • Random Acts Of Pasta

    After all of the acts of consumerism like Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, it’s nice that it’s now we have Giving Tuesday! ¬†This guy actually seemed to be ahead of the curve with the Giving Tuesday idea, with his Random Acts of Pasta. He paid for the Olive Garden never ending Pasta […]

  • Serious Shade Thrown at Emmys

    Normally, at award shows, when the winner’s name is called, the non-winners put on a pretty good show, making an effort to look genuinely happy for the winner. Not last night. Click HERE to see the best reactions of the night from the non-winners. Here’s a video of one of those moments:  

  • Frozen and Lion King– The Same Movie?

    There always seem to be theories about Disney movies. From “inappropriate” messages in movies, to The Walking Dead and Toy Story being the same plot (read about that Here) The latest crazy theory, Frozen and Lion King are pretty much the same movie! Check it out here Lion King has always been my favorite movie– […]

  • Dance Remix Of Let It Go

    It’s always interesting when a song gets a dance remix, and it’s no surprise that Let It Go, has gotten one. Check it out here Thank you Armin Van Buuren for that awesome remix! Here is the original— Sing A long Video:

  • Songs To Sing While Driving

    We all sing karaoke in the car, whether somebody else is listening or not. Here is a list of the 20 songs everyone loves to sing along to while driving. Preferably with the windows down so everybody can hear you loud and clear.