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  • Frozen and Lion King– The Same Movie?

    There always seem to be theories about Disney movies. From “inappropriate” messages in movies, to The Walking Dead and Toy Story being the same plot (read about that Here) The latest crazy theory, Frozen and Lion King are pretty much the same movie! Check it out here Lion King has always been my favorite movie– […]

  • Dance Remix Of Let It Go

    It’s always interesting when a song gets a dance remix, and it’s no surprise that Let It Go, has gotten one. Check it out here Thank you Armin Van Buuren for that awesome remix! Here is the original— Sing A long Video:

  • Songs To Sing While Driving

    We all sing karaoke in the car, whether somebody else is listening or not. Here is a list of the 20 songs everyone loves to sing along to while driving. Preferably with the windows down so everybody can hear you loud and clear.    

  • Funny Office Pranks!

    It’s April Fools Day! Have you pulled a prank on your coworkers yet? Maybe you want to try one of these   Ellen is the queen of pranks! Check out some of her best ones here. And Below is just one of her best ones:  

  • Words That Have Different Meanings Once You Are Married

    There are so many things that change when you get married. Thank you to Buzzfeed for this very funny, and accurate list of 18 words that have a different meaning when you get married. Check it out here

  • Normal Barbie

    Ever wonder what Barbie would look like if she was just like normal girls? Check this out I still can’t think of Barbie without hearing this song in my head:


    Dylan Farrow has written a response to Woody Allen’s New York Times piece attempting to silence her allegations that he molested her when she was seven. Click HERE to read Dylan’s response. Click HERE to read Woody Allen’s NY Times piece. Rosie O’Donnell returned to The View last week and shared her thoughts about Dylan […]