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Time to Store the Nuts

The Highest Grossing Horror Films of All Time. Peyton Manning ESPN Documentary. Squirrel Stores Nuts in Woman's Car. Morons in the News: Tricycle Meth Fiend.   Woman Embezzles $4.5 Million from a...

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Lamar reviews - Joker

I don’t know what in the world I was expecting, but this wasn’t it!  Joaquin Phoenix is a really weird dude and an unbelievably talented actor.  And he uses every ounce of that t...

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Anjelah Johnson on The Bob & Sheri Show

Do You Use a Percolator for Coffee? Yale University. Unsubscribe! Morons in the News.   Couple Builds Giant Bed. Tell Bob He's an A**hole! Bob Does Not Hate the Elderly. Small Plates.   Anje...

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