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Standing in Line at the DMV

We Need a Word for That The Bachelor Restaurant Owner Takes Entire Staff to DisneyWorld  Morons in the News: Sister Fentanyl   Standing in Line at the DMV Best Pizza Chains in the U.S. Would...

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Where Did All These Kids Come From?

Hailey Baldwin Uses a Blood Moisturizer Lies We Tell Our Kids Top Box Office Hits Adjusted for Inflation  Morons in the News: In a Hot Tub... Why?   15 Ways You Can Improve Yourself A Robot ...

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Bob Is like the Ole Singing Cowboy

Dog Sings Along to "International Harvester" The Warty Comb Jellyfish has a Transient Anus Going to the DMV Morons in the News: Canadian Brothers More Stupid Than Criminal   Olivia Jade on a Yach...

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Look Who's at Your Door!

Bob's Beefing with Shoelaces  Early Signs of Future Millionaires  The KFC Hot Tub Morons in the News: Happy Birthday Dad Billboard    Chelsea Handler "Life Will Be the Death of Me"...

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