Bob & Sheri Podcast

Roasting in the Sun

Door Dash. The Subway Order. Bob Changes Insurance Agents. Morons in the News: No D.U.I. for This Toy Trucker. The Greatest One Hit Wonders of all Time. Tom Cruise's Biggest Movies. Disney's Live Acti...

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I'm Not Touching You

What Would You Give Up for Cheese? 5 Tips to Feel 15 Years Younger. A Child of the 70's. Morons in the News. I'm Not Touching You. Bob Wants to Be Understood Instead of Loved. The Hardest Jobs Bob Can...

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Complaining About Her Sexy Nails

18 Years of Marriage is the Limit. Things Adults Care About. 5 Things to Stop Doing in the Shower. Morons in the News. Uncle Pillow is His Name-O. Princess Wants Her Shrimp Cocktail. Drop Kick the Bea...

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The Broken Arm Bus Ride

Falling Down the Franklin Hole. Food That Other Countries Think Are Strange. Are We Cousins or Double Cousins? Morons in the News. Champagne Bob and the Bowling Bag. Sheri's Driving All Over for Dinne...

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