Betty Buckley Recovering from Riding Accident Audio & Video Celebrity News News

Walker’s interview with Betty was picked up by Page Six! Click HERE to check it out.

Jeff LeBlanc Performs Live on WBAZ Audio & Video Celebrity News News

Bill Cosby Responds to Allgations, Makes No Sense Whatsoever Audio & Video Celebrity News News

Last night ABC’s Nightline aired an interview with Cosby about an event that is highlighting schools in one of the poorest areas of Alabama. When reporter Lindsey Davis inevitably asked Cosby about the allegations, this is how he responded:

ABC News Videos | ABC Entertainment News

EEEEEEEWWWW (Alan Thicke Makes Love to His Son Robin’s Music) Audio & Video Celebrity News News

68-year-old actor Alan Thicke just put a horrific image out there that his son will probably never be able to erase from his mind. Click HERE to read more!!

Incredible Robin Williams Impression Audio & Video Celebrity News News

Young comedian Jamie Costa pays tribute to “the man whose spark ignited my passion” — the late, great Robin Williams. Not only does it have the voice down, but the facial expressions as well. A truly great impression.