John Travolta is finally breaking his silence on the gay rumors that have been following him for years and the tell-all book that an alleged ex-lover has threatened to write about their time together. The Grease star spoke with The Daily Beast about all of the gossip and the one time media speculation did bother him. Click HERE to find out what he said.

Carrie Fisher Outs John Travolta:


Would You Pay for Surgery to Save Your Goldfish’s Life? Audio & Video News

The Australian owners of a 10-year-old goldfish named George paid $200 to have a life-threatening tumor removed from its head in experimental surgery that had never been done before at a Melbourne animal hospital.Click HERE to read more!

Check out this fish surgery in Vancouver:

Serious Shade Thrown at Emmys Audio & Video Celebrity News News

Normally, at award shows, when the winner’s name is called, the non-winners put on a pretty good show, making an effort to look genuinely happy for the winner. Not last night. Click HERE to see the best reactions of the night from the non-winners.

Here’s a video of one of those moments:


Kardashians Caught Using Their Phones During Ferguson Moment-of-Silence at VMAs Audio & Video Celebrity News News

Last night at the MTV Video Music Awards, rapper Common lead a moment of silence to pay tribute to Mike Brown and thw conflict that’s been raging in Ferguson, Mo., but the Kardashian girls were on their phones the entire time. The jokes ensued. Click HERE to read more!

Here’s the tribute:

Matthew McConaughey Says: I’m Not Afraid of the Fanny Pack Audio & Video News

Matthew McConaughey is trying to bring the fanny pack back. The Oscar winner attended the Houston Astros game against the Red Sox over the weekend where he rocked the accessory with no shame. Click HERE to read more.

A Song About Fanny Packs: