Long Island is Most Expensive Place to Live in America Audio & Video Celebrity News News

According to a report by data search engine FindTheBest, Nassau and Suffolk counties are the most expensive places to live in America.Click HERE to read more!

The Most Expensive Homes in the Hamptons:


Discussing “the birds and the bees” with kids may be awkward, but you should plan on doing it anyway. A recent survey of nearly four thousand British kids age 16 to 24 found that seventy percent say they wish they had known more about sex before their first sexual experience.Click HERE to read more!

How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex:

Lily James Defends Her Health Against ‘Cinderella’ Weight Audio & Video Celebrity News News

Cinderella star Lily James thinks women should not have to defend their eating habits. The 25-year-old stopped by Huffington Post Live where she addressed the recent controversy over her tiny waist while wearing her ball gown in the film. Click HERE to read more!

Cinderella Trailer:

Kelly Clarkson Attacked About Her Weight Audio & Video Celebrity News News

British Tabloid Journalist Katie Hopkins is clearly a miserable woman. Why else would she say such nasty things about Kelly Clarkson’s weight? Click HERE to read more.

John Mayer Admits to Having an Ego Addiction Audio & Video Celebrity News News

John Mayer has admitted to having an “ego addiction” but insists that he isn’t a “womanizer.” During an interview with the Today Show last Friday (March 6th), John spoke of his exes Jennifer Anniston and Jessica Simpson, saying, “I went, ‘All right, dude, you did a couple interviews where you were out of touch and you were being a ham, and you were basically break-dancing into a nitroglycerin plant.'” Click HERE to read more.