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  • Week Six

    Week Six is on! Hey - Guess who is going to the gym 5 days a week. Guess who hit their weekly weight loss goal? Guess who has turned the corner on getting healthy? Thanks Kathy Labella! I have weeks to go, but, it's starting to happen. Check out her website Peakperformancerd.com. We have a weekly conference where she gives me tips, advice, guidance, and h...

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  • Week Five

    Hi! How are you? Kathy (Peak Performance) and I are still on our weekly phone calls - and I am dropping the pound per week as scheduled.   I am going at my nutritional counseling as a lifestyle change. Not a diet. I am educating myself on what, and how much I need to eat and drink to maintain health, vibrancy, and energy.   ...

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  • Week Four

    Hey! How's it going?!     Week four is in full swing. I am getting in a groove with my menus, which makes it so much easier. Down the number of  pounds for this week's goal. I am feeling good. I feel empowered. More energy, focused, and less fatigue in my body.   So many people around me, are on no carb diets, Funny...

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  • week three- part two

    Happy Monday! Hope you had a safe, and fun, St. Patrick's Day holiday. I stuck to my meal plan, and enjoyed a lovely spinach salad while most everyone else was deep in corned beef and cabbage ( yuck) and Guinness Shepard pie. I did imbibe in a Guinness.  Weekends are challenging to stay within my caloric boundaries. Two reasons: 1) I work ...

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  • Week Three

    Hope everyone stayed safe through yesterday's Northeaster. So much snow fell here in Southampton. This has been a challenging week for me, as I had family dinner on Sunday. You know the pasta, slow cooked Sunday sauce, warm Italian bread, kinda meal. I was so busy running around chasing nieces, and the twin nephews ( over a year old) that I didn't watch my portions. I went to the g...

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  • Week Two

    Happy Saturday!       My conference call with Kathy went great! First week we reviewed family health history, daily lifestyle, and reviewed a general day of what I eat and drink. Ya gotta be real, or this ain't gonna work. Together we came up with a plan of balanced nutrition, and how I should eat throughout the...

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  • Let's get real!

    I made the resolution to eat healthier, get more excercise, and get more sleep in 2018. So far, I have worked in a nap or two on the weekends, poured another glass of wine with dinner, and have thought about the gym, to the point where I have my gym bag, packed and ready to go, in the car.  Here we are 9 weeks into the new year, and I am nothing but frustrated. Eating healthi...

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