Clowns Are Angry At American Horror Story Audio & Video Celebrity News

I don’t know about you, but I am not a huge fan of clowns. It is actually a common phobia. I am a fan of American Horror Story, and they have introduced a character which is everything my nightmare about Clowns are made of. It seems like Clowns of America International, are not ok with American Horror Story perpetuating the stereotype of scary clowns. Check out the article here 


Check out all the freaky trailers from American Horror Story: Freak Show, including Twisty (the world’s scariest Clown)

RIP Elizabeth Pena Audio & Video Celebrity News

Actress Elizabeth Pena has died at 55. She has been in Jacob’s Ladder, and even guest starred on Modern Family. Learn more about her here

Here is the trailer for the movie Lone Star she was in from 1996:

Paul Rudd Invites Everyone To A Party! Audio & Video Celebrity News

Paul Rudd is a very proud Kansas City Royals Fan! He was so excited, he invited everyone to come to a party, at his mom’s house! Check out the adorable video below:

Shia LaBoeuf Explains His Arrest On Kimmel Audio & Video Celebrity News

Remember back to when Shia LaBoeuf was arrested in NYC for being a total jerk during a performance of Cabaret? Well the actor was on Jimmy Kimmel the other night, and gave his version of what happened. Check it out below:

Jay Leno Is Coming Back! Audio & Video Celebrity News

If you’re a fan of Jay Leno, you will be glad to hear he is coming back to TV. He will have a new show on CNBC. Check out all of the details here 

Here;s Jay talking about Jimmy Fallon, and the guest he never managed to get when he hosted the Tonight Show: