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Bob Is like the Ole Singing Cowboy

Dog Sings Along to "International Harvester"

The Warty Comb Jellyfish has a Transient Anus

Going to the DMV

Morons in the News: Canadian Brothers More Stupid Than Criminal


Olivia Jade on a Yacht While Her Mom Was Being Arrested

DiCaprio Has Never Dated a Woman Over 25

People's Movie Critic: "Captain Marvel"

Lamar Serves Woman Her First Biscuit


Fred Kirby

The Full House Felony Pool

Talkback Caller: Mom Feels Guilty About Lunchables 

First Mob Hit Since 1985


This Day in History

The Worst Tourist Attraction in America

Talkback Caller: George From Long Island

Small Plates: PBR Whiskey 




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