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Grand Canyon Tourists Exposed to Dangerous Levels of Radiation

Pink Opens Up on Ellen About Her Toxic Relationship

Critically Acclaimed Movies That Didn't Receive an Oscar Nomination 

Morons in the News: Texas Couple Caught with 66 Pounds of Marijuana 


Hanging with Christopher Titus

Lady Gaga's Relationship Just Didn't Work Out

People's Movie Critic: "Isn't It Romantic"

Petition to Sell Montana to Canada


Brittany Meets Pablo Escobar's Brother

Bob & Sheri's Small Plates: It's Cool to Go Grey

Talkback Caller: Bob's Ringtone

How to Seem More Competent


Being Rocked to Sleep Gives You a Better Night's Sleep

Bob Needs a Bitmoji

Things You Shouldn't Do While Pumping Gas

The Origins of the Sloppy Joe Sandwich 









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Mandy Moore's Abusive Relationship with Ryan Adams

The Oscars- Who Will Win, Who Should Win

New Jersey Cop Leaves $100 Tip

Morons in the News: Lobster Thief Doesn't Show Up to Court


"The Manitowoc Minute" with Charlie Berens 

Talkback Caller: The Kettle Kiss

Bob's Personality Parade

Edward Cortez Explains Why He Doesn't Do His Homework 


Sarah Silverman Speaks Out

Perfect Pitch is Genetic

Crowdfund Your Wedding

We Don't Deserve Dogs





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Led Zeppelin Teams Up With Vans

KFC Fried Mac N' Cheese Bun

Hating Your Job Will Make You Sick

Morons in the News: On the Sidewalk... AGAIN!


Take On Me

The Little Debbie Store

RIP Karl Lagerfeld

Update on Bob's Middle Finger


Jim Szoke with Sports Confuse Me

Try to Train That Dog

The Yellow Scrunchie

The Least "Up-to-Something" Person


Single Men Smell Different Than Married Men

How Big is the Internet?

Bob Threatened by Joker on the Road

Pet Peeves



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The 80's One Hit Wonder Tour

Where to Hang a Valentine's Painting

Renewing Wedding Vows 

Morons in the News: Burglar Offers Victim $200 Not to Call Police


I'll Just Eat in the Bathroom

Purdue Vs. Tyson

Rita Rudner Live With Bob & Sheri

Rita Rudner Comedy Bit: "Is This Your Mother"


Talkback Caller: Question About Bob Taking Cutlery Through TSA Security Check

Things That Blew Your Mind 15 Years Ago

Talkback Caller: Max is Fantastic

Time Magazine: Why Is It So Hard To Say I Love You?


Todd's Bathroom Reader: How to Disguise Yourself 

Cop Uses Police Database to Find Information on Tinder Match

Kylie Jenner's House

This Day in History: Family Circus Debuts in 1960



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Bob Could Become a Deranged Shut-In 

"Yesterday" Movie Trailer

Monkey Kidnaps 2 Year Old in India


How You Can Tell You're Dating a Nurse

Things We Think Could Happen in Our Lifetime 

Parents Jerking Kids Around

Bob's Treating Himself to Mexican Food


Tina's Dog is Breaking All the Rules

Is That a Cat On a Leash?

Laurie Crashed the Prom

Lamar Takes on the Slushee Machine


What's in Your Divorce Auction

Put That Thing in a Drawer

Things Married People Wish They Knew




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Americans Love Cheese

El Chapo Goes to Supermax

Obligation Chocolate

Morons in the News: The Worst Bank Robber


Does Chuck E. Cheese Recycle Pizza?

A Word for the Thing That Wrecks Your Groove

People's Movie Critic: "Cold Pursuit"

The Secret to Cooking Bacon


Talkback Caller: You Have Bugs in your Eyebrows

Is Alexa Spying on You?

Bob Costas Speak Out About Concussions in Football

Kim Kardashian Doesn't Smile Because of Wrinkles


Things in 1997 That Now Feel Outdated

Bill Cosby Doing Time

Listener Email: Bob is Sweetbaby

Sheri Knows Bob's Ways  




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Is Dina Lohan being Catfished?

What Stresses Out Americans

America Loves Pizza

Morons in the News: Inmate Hides Contraband in Prosthetic Leg


Train & Kenny G's "Careless Whisper" 

Jeff Bezos Blackmailed By National Enquirer 

The Kettle Kiss

Epic Toddler Meltdowns 


How Derek Amato Became a Musical Savant

Talkback: Muslim Beliefs About Sneezing

Fish and Birds Have No Souls

Romantic Foods for Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day Poems Written by a Computer 

Las Vegas Weddings Declining 

AI Program Can Tell When Your Partner is in a Bad Mood

Bob Visits Restaurant in New York 







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Jennifer Aniston's Star-Studded Birthday Party

Wild Life Center Offering Alternative Valentine's Day Options

Saidie the Heroic Pitbull

Morons in the News: TN Cops Bust Raccoon 


Stuck at the Security Checkpoint 

Valentine's Day in Japan

Justin Bieber and His Wife on the Cover of Vogue 

Alicia Keys is the Best Grammy Host


Donor Baby with 24 Siblings

"God Only Knows" is Not Actually a Romantic Song

Why Are Valentine's Day Cards So Expensive? 


Bill Gates and His 15 Predictions 

Weird Ways People Make Money

Is a Facebook Break Good For Your Health?




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Dog Breeds with Separation Anxiety 

Sam Ate a Snacky Doo

What Men Want

Morons in the News: Dating App Meeting Goes Wrong


Michael Cudlitz (The Walking Dead, The Kids Are Alright) joins Bob and Sheri

Faucet Sounds Like Man Moaning

Funny Valentine's Day Tweet & Striptease as an Incentive

Guy Tries to Warm Up Car with Hot Charcoals


James Corden & Billy Crystal Recreate Iconic "When Harry Met Sally" Scene

Bizarre Snack Food Combos

Talkback Caller: It's Time to Ban Shoes in the House

Dancing in the Grocery Store 


How to Write a Love Letter

Sullivan Ballou's Love Letter

"Barnwood Builders" & "Love It or List It"

"Mysteries of Oak Island"  








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Adam Levine's Nipples

$97K a Year to Visit Luxury Destinations

Danny is officially a US Citizen

Morons in the News: It's Tide, Not Heroin


Jakeman's Winner

Update on Bridezilla 

Is Dish Network Mostly Infomercials?

Out of the Donut Shop and into the Coffee Shop


Emails and Talkback Callers

Bob Thinks He's a Horrible Person

Talkback Caller: Appropriate Shoes for Visiting Home Depot

Conversation Hacks


Mistress Shows Up to Wedding, Would You Marry A Bigamist

Sheri Meets Her Future Self at Costco 

Hotel Paranoia

Dad Quiz





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Fyre Fest Documentary on Netflix

Today in History: Movies and TV Shows

Preparing for the Airport

Morons in the News- Fun Size Tattoos / Check Your Closet for Ghosts 


Jakeman's Qualifier 

Influencers and Their History 

People's Movie Critic: "Serenity" 

People's Movie Critic: Carla Was Laid Off


The Sneeze of Death

Backstreet Boys' Super Bowl Ad and Choir Video

The Way Back Machine

Trolls Farting Glitter


Woman Trapped in Private Elevator 

Kid Gets Head Stuck in Toilet Seat

Netflix Movies Are Certified Fresh

The Village People Cop Makes a Fortune 




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60 year old UK woman swindled by 26 year old Sri Lanka husband

Last wedding Bob is ever involved in

Jakeman's Qualifier

Mr. Miyagi stole a purse


Jose Canseco and the time traveling Aliens

Coach Lynn's first responders TV spot during Super Bowl 

Talking aliens with Oz

Issues with consumer DNA kits


Jennifer the powerlifting high school teacher

Beatles movie coming soon

Dog sings "Roxanne" and rocks hitting windows

Dog pleads "Not Guilty"


Competitive couples

Pill that tricks you into thinking you're full

Thought Catalog: Outgoing, but introverted

SouthWest flight attendant's safety rules








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Today on the Bob and Sheri show:

Must see music destinations.
It's a joke!
Patton Oswalt takes on a troll.
Morons in the news.

Viggo no go for 16 candles.
Original title of American Pie.
Didn't do the did.
Out drinking with the boss?

Chris gave up law to work with his wife.
Ashton Kutcher is cashing in again.
B&S talkback. What grandma said.

The odd songs people want covered.
More songs to be covered.
Vance Joy covers the Boss.
Dax is changing to be more like his wife.



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Today on the Bob and Sheri show:

Old time winter words.
Horse got stuck in a tree.
Super Bowl last in real time.
Morons in the news.

Sports Confuse me with Jim Szoke.
More with Jim.
Tony the Hitman returns from the Super Bowl.
The male cheerleaders at the Super Bowl.

Nancy and her African Frog named Fred.
What happened to Mojito the Beta Fish?
Lamar and his review of the Super Bowl spots.
Lamar goes Axe throwing.

Advice letter on Hubby's DMing.
Compliments that happen the strong relationship.
Avoiding tourist attractions at home.
Good encounters with celebs.



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The Lutheran binder.
Sneating is the new dating term.
The outrageous wedding letter.
Morons in the news.

Oh Bob moment.
Banging her head because of Bob.
B&S team building.
How to Instagram your food.

Jimmy Wayne's sleepover party.
How to have fight with your spouse.
Ginger's bad movie night.
What happened to the hotel detective.

The proven dating tips pt.1
The proven dating tips pt. 2
Top 10 women of the 21st century pt.1
Top 10 women of the 21st century pt.2



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Today on the Bob and Sheri Show:

Pop songs have become angrier and sadder.
How flat earthers see the lunar eclipse.
Poppy Waterman - Smith gets big break.
Morons in the news.

Comic Joel McHale.
More with Joel.
Lamar reviews - The kid who would be king.
Lamar on the Super Bowl.

Lucinda and her hermit crabs.
The old house for sale.
BSB are back at number one!
Bundle up.

Netflix slow about Ted Bundy movie.
Facts only Bob knows.
The pool table.. the dog.
What's your price?



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Today on the Bob and Sheri show.

How you do anything is how you do everything.
The clean/dirty magnet.
Mailbox delivery for love.
Morons in the news.

Alexander the great Metamucil Challenge.
Bug in your Facetime.
Sports Confuse Me with Jim Szoke.
More with Jim.

So cold in Chi-town with Jeff.
So cold in WI.
B&S talkback.
The hunger harness.

Crazy expensive divorces.
Just swallow it.
This is not real!
Best states for road trips.



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Today on the Bob and Sheri show:

Mona Lisa speaks to Rob Thomas.
Jakeman's Qualifier.
What are the millenials killing?
Morons in the news.

Coffee chains ranked by the strength.
Royal staff policing socials.
Todd goes to NoCal.
Kelsey Kanter gets a tat.

B&S talkback.
Cooking talk with Bob.
Over/under rated food quiz.

10 things we wish we learned in school.
3 important life skills noone ever taught us.
Dad is either named William Shatner or dude named chick.
Interior decorator to the stars.



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Today on the Bob and Sheri Show:

Not all blockbuster movies are good.
Martha Washington's five cocktails.
The kindness of strangers.
Morons in the news.

Dog sings with the Police.
NO TV in your room.
Totally ignored while dining.
Sooooo Cold in Chicago.

The defense of villains.
B&S talkback.
The Jakeman's qualifiers.
Watching the award shows.

Favorite wardrobe.
Looking at Real Estate from Childhood.
Browsers that hide everything.
Robotkiller app.



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Bob’s New Plan
Life Map GPS
Things That Are Not Illegal...should be
MITN – Child Drives to School, Stolen Car

Daily Burn
New Ring Tones for Bob’s Phone
Net FLICK, HIGHBIRD and Tech Knowledge
Azealia Banks - Prideful Inbred Leprechauns

Classes Not Taught in School
Drug Ads…so Manipulative
Comics Who Didn’t Make SNL
Teresa Giudice’s Bodybuilder Booty

Places to Retire
Communal Bathing
Husbands in Dog House
Watching TV…Morgan Fairchild



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