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America's Most Popular Vegetables.

Celebs Who Wont Take Photos with Fans.

Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club & Vanderpump Rules.

Morons in the News: Robbing the Dunkin' Donuts in an Uber.

Small Plates: 25 Years Since O.J. Simpson Pleaded Innocent .

Talkback Caller: It's Always Something.

Lindsay Lohan.

Erasing a Legacy.

Meet the Birds... Bob & Sheri.

Small Plates: Hazing at the Urology Clinic.

Can You Believe This S***?

School Teacher's Kindness Project.

Songs to Keep You Calm.

Greyson Uses Up All the Gas.

Stressed at Work.



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"Woman, Don't You Know What a Dead Squirrel Smells Like?"

Americans Do More Online Shopping Than Eating Out at Restaurants

Bob's Wet Blanket: The Sun is Not Your Friend

Morons in the News: Cat Filter During Political Livestream

Man Achieves Guinness Record for Most Blueberries in His Mouth

The Best Road Trips in the U.S.

Could You Handle a Half Century with Bob?

New Jersey is the Number 1 State for Drunken Online Shopping

Sandra: Her MaMaw was Poppin' Tags

Monogrammed Martini Glasses

Can You Believe This S***?

Tony Robbins' Most Famous Inspirational Quotes

A Typewriter Made of Teeth

Bob's Wet Blanket

Milestones and What Age You Reach Them



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Happy First Day of Summer

It Takes 1,000 Years for a VHS Tape to Decompose

Talkback Caller: How Do You Stay in a Committed Relationship?

Morons in the News

1 in 4 People Keep Mementos from Past Relationships

You Want a Corkscrew with That?

The People's Movie Critic: "Men in Black: International"

The Dad Bod

Drew the Rock Tour Bus Driver

Can You Believe This S***?

Crazy Movie Facts

O.A.R. Live on the Bob & Sheri Show 

O.A.R. Pelted with Coins in Philadelphia 



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Today in History: West Virginia Became a State

He's a Fancy Man

Sheri May Not Be a Good Driver, But She's a Good Teacher

Morons in the News

Max & Todd's Ultimate Break-Up Songs

Jim Szoke with Sports Confuse Me

Scott is a Professional Poker Player

Bob is "The Twizzler"

Can You Believe This S***?

Kevin Teaches Caramia to Reverse the Car, She Hits a Tree

"I Live in the Now"

Weighted Gravity Blankets

The Mellow Mushroom

Don't Do It!



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2 Things Bob Doesn't Understand

Do You Think You Might Puke?

The Polo Shirt

Morons in the News

Prince Harry

Does Your Dog Feel Your Stress?

"Mom, Did People Always Try to Give You Advice?"

YouTuber Stunt Marriage

Talkback Caller: Drove Off Without the Change

Bob Gives Kids a Pass

Can You Believe This S***?

Man Gets Life in Prison for Hijack Hoax

FBI Releases Bigfoot Files

Signs You Are With the Right Person

Sleep Trackers Give You Insomnia

Riding Shotgun With a Tiny Angry Bear



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Todd's Malfunctioning Carbon Monoxide Detector 

Parents are Exhausted for the First 7 Years of a Child's Life

Rolling Stones Tour is Fully Sponsored by Retirement Planning Group

Morons in the News: The Robin Hood of Pizza

The Tiny Hidden Microphone on Your Phone

The Most Popular Businesses in the U.S.

Bob Got Hot Honey for Father's Day

Give the Pregnant Lady Your Seat

Working with the Pumpkin Head

The FBI Investigated Hugh Hefner

Can You Believe This S***?

7 Times Your Partner Made Your Life More Beautiful

Germs in Your Car

Bob's Roger Williams T-Shirt

Bradley Cooper's Personal Life

Tourism at the International Space Station



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Bad Start to Your Week

Rage Against the ATM

Which Did Bob Pick?

Morons in the News

Your Last Text on Your Tombstone

Why We Can't Get a Good Selfie

Signs You're Addicted to the Other Person

Annoying Office Phrases

Allen's Papa Banned the Kids

Bob's Happy When He's Eating

Todd's Moving to the Rich House

Cut the Deal at 50

Things Married Couples Wish They Had Known

Charlene Got a Bad Reference

If I Can't Steal This... I'll Steal That!



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Friday is Just a Day Before the Weekend

The Great Privilege of Watching the King Wake Up 

Today is the Day for Doing

Morons in the News

Kevin Costner is the Easter Bunny

California Wildfire Started by a Hammer and a Wasp Nest

The People's Movie Critic: "X-Men Dark Phoenix"

The People's Movie Critic: Know What You Want at the Concessions 

The Bad First Date at Applebee's

Weird Little Habits

Can You Believe This S***?

The Skills You Need to Aquire a Girlfriend

Things We Were Obsessed with Exactly 10 Years Ago

Bumble is Hiring

4 Things That Make You Seem Boring

Couple Gets Frisky on Bike Trail While Young Kids Left Home Alone



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Peppermint Toothpaste on Your Head

Bob's Morning Routine

Sleeping with the TV on Can Lead to Weight Gain

Morons in the News

Things People Regret About Their Wedding 

The Perfect Thing to Eat Every Day

Ways to Tell You're Not the Cool Dad

Is Huckleberry a Name?

"At Last" Summer Break Version

The Bathroom Reader

Can You Believe This S***?

30 Questions for Allison Janney in Vanity Fair

The Most Amazing Moments of the Last 100 Years

RV Park Manager Tells All

The Shoe Game

The Tenney Family in the USAA Commercial 



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Giant Swing in South Africa

Colin Farrell

Cliche Things Dads Want for Father's Day

Morons in the News: Coke Dealer Busted in Coke Shirt

If They Had Telemarketers in the Good Ole Days

40% of Americans Still Use a Landline

Jim Szoke with Sports Confuse Me

Talkback Caller: Bob & Sheri at 50%

Olivia's Graduation

Can You Believe This S***?

Wild Bachelor Parties

Unusual Things Our Family Did That We Thought Were Normal

Crazy Letters to the Editor

Elton John Cried When He Was Shown "Rocketman"



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Ice in Our American Drinks

Cauliflower Ice Cream

The Socks Match the Dress

Morons in the News

Shakira in Tax Trouble


Social Media Creeper

Wait... You Can Have a "Silent" Opinion?

Talkback Caller: Papa Means Daddy in French

Bob's Stuck in the Endless "How Was Your Service?"

Can You Believe This S***?

Cooking Mistakes

Height Differences in Relationships

How Many Steps a Day Do You Really Need?

Take a Day Off and Do Nothing

The Government is Prepping Us for the Truth About Aliens



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Zoe Kravitz in Vogue

Your Heart Can Handle up to 25 Cups of Coffee a Day

Table of Wisdom

Morons in the News: They Welded it Shut!

Oh, the Places You'll Go

Crop Tops and Tube Tops for Dudes

People Who Are Off-Limits to Date

Talkback Callers: The Saddest Month of the Year

Expect Travel Hell This Summer

Can You Believe This S***?

If We Just Hit the Winning Numbers

Guy Buys Replica Weinermobile for His Regular Car

The Truth About Tigers and Their Coloring

The Way People Dress

Facial Recognition in Public Schools



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Jonathan Scott in People Magazine

Boxing Instead of Shooting

The Return of NOPE!

Morons in the News

Clothing from Hampton and Madison

Small Plates

The People's Movie Critic: Panama City Beach

The Door Company Just Called Bob

Kimberly: Piggies Heading for the Popcorn

Kimberly: The Most Horrific First Date

Can You Believe This S***?

Lori Loughlin

Fighting the Food

Would You Want Your Kids to Visit You in Prison?

The Turtles from "Rocky" Are Still Alive!



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Michelle Pfeiffer

Texas Lifts Ban on Brass Knuckles

Bob Reviews "Rocketman"

Morons in the News: Truck Meet Sinkhole

More on "Rocketman"

The Tiny Shovel

Mark: Calling from Normandy, France

Remembering the 75th Anniversary of D-Day

Jenny: Drove Off Without Her Food

Talkback Caller: More Tales from the Drive-Thru

Can You Believe This S****?

The Rules of the House

Drunk Guy at Wedding Tries to Cut in on Bride & Grooms First Dance

Ring Doorbell Camera Captures Baboon Trying to Break into Home

Easy Ways for Men to Be Romantic 



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The Desk Pantry

Would You Like to Live Within Walking Distance of Your Parents?

E-Pogo Sticks

Morons in the News: It's Not Mine!

Caramia Hits the Freeway

Small Plates

Jim Szoke with Sports Confuse Me

Christy: Paid at the Drive-Thru, Then Left Without Her Food

It Just Doesn't Matter

Can You Believe This S***?

Why Kevin Wont Go Tubing

How to Tell If Your 2nd or 3rd Marriage Will Last

$960,000 in Loose Change Left at TSA Checkpoints Last Year

Movie Being Made About Boy George



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Caramia Drove Home from School

Green Eggs & Ham

Twitter: History in Moment

Morons in the News

You Can Call Him Papa

Are We Ready to be Grandparents?

Buying Tiny Pictures and an Album for Olivia's Graduation

Seeing Olivia's Adult Face for the First Time

Talkback Caller: Bob Is so "Too"

Things That Make People Dislike You

Can You Believe This S***?

Bob Wants a Boring Life

When a Teacher Sees Something in You

Foods You've Not Tried

The Worst Things You Can Do on a First Date

The Doorbell Camera



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You FaceTimed Me!

Small Plates: Orange Twinkies

Bob & Kevins Newsfeed

Morons in the News: Drenched in the Dew

Small Plates: New Pizza Hut Recipe

Unmarried Women with No Kids are the Happiest

Jim Szoke with Sports Confuse Me

You're Still Stuck on Chopsticks

Axe Body Spray Can Pull You Out of a Coma

Can You Believe This S***?

Todd's Dad: The Month is Almost Over

30 Ways to Help Keep Your Husband

Bezos' Ex Pledges Half of Her $36 Billion to Charity 

Woman Rescues 22 Dogs



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The 10 Greatest High School Movies of All Time

Alexa Will Always Be Listening 

Kodi Lee

Morons in the News

The 8 Wedding Invitations

Bob Forgot to Order

The People's Movie Critic: "Aladdin"

Father's Day Contest

And the Dog Comes with the House 

Abby Lee Miller

Can You Believe This S***?

Florida Man Bit By Toilet Snake

The U.S. Postal Service is Testing Self Driving Cars

Celebrities' First Jobs

The 10 Biggest Decisions We Make in Our Life



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Climbing Season on Mt. Everest

Would You Rather- Everest Edition

The Everest Death Zone

Morons in the News: Spider Sinks Van

Anjelah Johnson Live on the Bob & Sheri Show

Bon Qui Qui

Adult Swim!

Shocking Facts About Old School Hollywood

Yvette Played Robin Redbreast

Bob Welcomes the Guests

Can You Believe This S***?

Ice Pops

Guy Trips on LSD for 9 Hours After Cleaning Old Synthesizer 

Rescue Great Dane Has 70 Teeth

Small Plates

Don't Bring Your Phone Grocery Shopping



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Doug and LiMu the Emu

Robert Pattinson as Batman

New Jersey Bans Smoking on Public Beaches

Morons in the News

The First Time You Feel Really Grown Up

The ZZ Top Musical is Headed to Las Vegas

Caramia Driving and Screaming

Do You Know an Abe?

Sarah: Why Don't You Just Move Your Lips

Drunk at the Christmas Pageant

Can You Believe This S***?

The Most Dateable Jobs

Famous Birthdays

The One Food Guy Fieri Hates

Eating at the Dining Room Table

Bob Goes to the Drive-Thru 



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