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Amazon Alexa Eavesdropping

Recycling the Printer

Lori Loughlin

Morons in the News


The Best Places to Spend Easter

Taylor Swift

Everyone Thinks They're Middle Class

Man Throws Iguana


Tracy Lee

Jeopardy Theme Earned $70 Million

Can You Believe This S***?

It's A Joke


Bob Fear He's Addicted to His Phone

The Perfect Hotel for Max

Regrettable Fashion

Captain Morgan Was a Real Person





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Mashed Potatoes in the Yard

"Oh Yeah" Sped Up

Notre-Dame Fire

Morons in the News


Todd Busts Daughter in a Lie

Easy Trick to Get Good Behavior Out of Kids

Jim Szoke with Sports Confuse Me


Cecelia Uses Show to Teach English to Students in Argentina 

Funny Airport Signs

Can You Believe This S***?

Social Media Influencers 


The 4 Basic Personality Types

90's Kids

2 Guys Try to Survive in Jungle

Bob Wont Go to Las Vegas 





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Hallmark Releasing 40 New Christmas Movies This Year

It's in the Eyes

Zapping Your Brain Can Help with Memory Issues

Morons in the News


New Things to Worry About 

iPad Disabled for 49 Years

Hidden Cams and Bathroom Perverts

Service with a Smile


Talkback Caller: Lady Swallows Camera to Track Digestive Issues

Talkback Caller: Husband Stops at Walmart While Wife is in Labor

Can You Believe This S***?


You're Too Old for Slang

The Missing Sock Pile

Bob is Cranky

Should You Rest Your Meat?





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10 Things That Put Us in a Bad Mood

The Kevin Meaney Bit

The Best Cities

Morons in the News 


AirBnB Contest

Justin Bieber

A Blood Feud Over Tupperware

Lunchables and Kool-Aid


Talkback Caller: Did Bob Win Dancing with the Stars?

You Can't Outrun the Paparazzi

Can You Believe This S***?

Mulch and The Duck


Male Birth Control

Can You Identify Every State?

Harsh Truths That Will Make You a More Powerful Person

8-10 Careers Over a Lifespan 








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How Dare They Eat Pasta

At What Point We Become Lazy

Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey

Morons in the News


Bob Goes to See "Beautiful" in NYC

Lori Loughlin

The People's Movie Critic: "Pet Sematary"

The People's Movie Critic Wages War Against Moles


Joan: Has Super Taste Buds 

3,000 Year Old Bog Butter

Talkback Caller: Some Vegetarians Do Like the Smell of Bacon

A School Where the Boys Ranked the Girls



Actors Who Ruined Their Careers

Disobedient  Wives Were Sent to the Asylum

The "Ugly Law" in Chicago






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Men and White Shoes

Battle Painting at Doge's Palace

Mick Jagger

Morons in the News


Jim Szoke with Sports Confuse Me

Signs a Newly-Wed Couple Wont Make It

Would You Change Your Gender If You Could?


By the Glow of the Nightlight

Talkback Caller: How Are You Today?

Andy Grammer on The Bob & Sheri Show 

Bob's Stay in NYC


Fergie and Prince Andrew

Don't Tell Your Dad I Have Jet Lag

The Adult Virgin Population

Small Plates







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Riley Went to Prom

Game of Thrones

Fete des Vignerons

Morons in the News 


Moose Rides an Ice Chunk 


British Triplets 

French Woman Learns a Lesson About Selling Shoes Online 


Don't Bite the Dog

Tim Schrandt Obituary 

Talkback Caller: I Have Officially Become My Mom

Max's New Foster Dog



Couple in NYC Building Portal to Hell

Ex-Girlfriend Crashes Wedding

Foods That Make Your Face Glow




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People Don't Want to Buy a Second House


Such a Disappointment 

Morons in the News


Skymall Items

Subway Cars Turned into Coral Reefs 

Fast Foods to Try

Justin Bieber


Talkback Caller: Laser Tag Across America

The Staten Island Dentist

Crazy Bieber

Top Signs You're in the Doghouse 


Make/Female Serial Killers

Teacher's Pet Podcast

How Long Rock & Roll Has Been Around

Things Not to Say to Your Kids




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Donny and Marie Osmond

Today in History

Millennials Still Living at Home

Morons in the News


Grover Cleveland

The Unwritten Rules of the Bar

The Origins of a Spinster

Trying Not to Buy Stuff


Talkback Caller: You Might Want to Rethink "MyFace"

Scotty McCreery

Talkback Caller: Bedazzling and Quaaludes

Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison Hologram Tour


Yesterday in History

Finn's Crazy Dance

Finding an Old Wedding Dress

Sheri Takes an Online Quiz





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What's on Your Cheeseburger?

Brain Food You Need to Eat

Crazy Laws Around the World

Morons in the News


Really, Bob?

Jason and the Break Dancer

Lamar Takes a Whoopin'

John's Full House


Kelly's Cat Named Bob

Lunch Packed with Love

Jackie's Outhouse

Crystal Can't Be Told


Urban Legends

Scientifically Proven Dating Tips





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Health Tips From Bob

Lamar is Making Friends 

How Do Others See You?

Morons in the News


Comic Michael Carbonaro

Karen Would Rather Be with the Chickens

Do You Know Your Raccoons?

The Hog Justice


Janet's Crazy Boss Worker

Steve Lusts Over Painted Toes

Lashawn's Green with Envy

Tracy's Chocolates 


Strange Questions We Find Interesting

Forgetting Basic Words

How Many Towels Do You Have?





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Little Things That Are Causing Stress 

Tips to Be Successful at the Interview 

Questions for the Hot People

Morons in the News


Things You Hate to Hear While Being Dumped

Confessions of a "Basic B"

It's in the Classifieds

The Hound of New Haven


Lauren's Trashy Race

Maureen Turned on Her Brother 

Smitty's Mom Had a Temper 

Jennifer's Moocher


Behaviors We Need to Change 

They Ate the Whole Cake






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Making Bad Choices

She's Not the Only Cougar 

The Moment You Become an Adult

Morons in the News


Fun Facts About Pizza

Personality Based on Your Sign

Say That You Love Me

Risks of the Job


Salute to 5 Woman

Roxanne's Man Swallowed the Fish

Christine Screwed Up at Work 

How to Use the Microwave 


Verbatim Makes it All Better

Pack the Royal Luggage 

Why They Think You're Dumb

Just Burnt on High School





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They Would Return Bob Lacey

Spitting with Confidence 

Pity Party for Two

Morons in the News: Kimberly and Robert


Top Perks You Want at Work

Kevin is Doing Sheri's Hair

Mr. Huffy's Food Memories

Smartphones Make Our Pets Sad


Karrin's Mawmaw and the Chew Pot 

Watch out for That Plane

Brooks Stops the Photo Bomb

What the Bride Would Change 


Overhearing the Date

The Most Re-watchable Movies 




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Cameras Monitoring the Pets

Should Michael Jackson Stay in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Elizabeth Holmes

Morons in the News: ATM on the Bus


Small Plates: Cher Has Lost Her Favorite T-Shirt

Ally's Upcoming Wedding

The People's Movie Critic: "Us"

The People's Movie Critics Prepares for a Colonoscopy 


Hailie is Still Listening to Bob & Sheri Even After Moving to Australia 

Nicolas Cage is Getting Married

Jim Szoke with Sports Confuse Me


The Things People Lie About the Most

"Ladies Who Punch"

Ask Reddit: Men Describe What Turns Them on Now That They're Getting Older 



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Venom Chili Sauce 


Celebrities Confused with Other Celebrities 

Morons in the News: Man Hacks Foot Off


The Things Neighbors Judge You For

Mary & Hampton in Miami

The Call of the Gull!

Modern Love


Talkback Caller: Velcro Apparel 


Justin Furstenfeld on The Bob & Sheri Show


How Much Would You Pay for a Skill or a Superpower?

What Does Your Newsfeed Look Like?

The Pineapple Symbol 

Sara Evans Covers "Dreams"




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The Average American Coin Stays in Circulation for 30 Years

Collecting Coins, Stamps and Comics 

Pepe Le Pew

Morons in the News: Mr. Sober Busted for D.U.I.


Talkback Caller: Florida Man Birthday Challenge

The Age We Turn into Our Parents 

Kids Never Go Outside Anymore 

College Admission Scandal Update


Jay Leno

Talkback Caller: Wants in on the Good Food

Kids Say Embarrassing Things to Adults 

Bob is Related to American Jezebel


10 Tricks to Make You Look Smarter at Your Next Meeting 

College Admissions Scandal 

Jennifer Lopez

Customer Service 



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How Husbands Know They Picked the Right One

The Most Popular Cuisines in the U.S.

Best Movies of the 1990's

Morons in the News: Naked Mannequin Party


Mr. Bob... Mr. Rancid

SpaceX Rocket From New York to London in 29 Minutes by 2030 

Smells Americans Love and Hate

The Human Brain is Not Fully Developed Until 30 Years of Age


How Many Chuggas Before Choo Choo? 

Talkback Caller: Lies Parents Tell Their Kids

I-Team: Rescue From Gilligan's Island 

Trailer for "Rescue From Gilligan's Island"


The Latest International Happiness Index 

South Korea Hotel Spy Cam Scandal 

Top Movies and Miniseries Based on Stephen King Books

Gerald Hugh Tyrwhitt-Wilson 






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New Woodstock Lineup

Dirty Gucci Sneakers 

3 Fascinating Things About Humans

Morons in the News: $19 Million Worth of Printer Ink


Sexiest Man Alive

Bob Gets Slapped

Jim Szoke with Sports Confuse Me


Talkback Caller: Aretha Franklin "Let It Be"

The Ingredients for a Perfect Day

Interview with Matt Nathanson

Round-Up Weed Killer


The Most Stressful Jobs

The Age of Superhero Movies

"The Last Resort"

$37 Per Diem for 'NSync 





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50 Million Music Files Deleted on MySpace

Top 10 Restaurant Chains in the U.S.

Morons in the News: Knife Meets Machete


Bob & Sheri's Personality Parade

But Who's Watching the Commercials?

The People's Movie Critic: "A Madea Family Funeral"

Mushrooms Can Help Stop Dementia


Talkback Caller: Snip City

Gwyneth Paltrow "Conscious Uncoupling"

The Black Widow

Talkback Caller: Stung at the Drive-Thru


New Manson Movie

New Rules for Communicating in the Digital Age

The Laughing Baby 

Shaquille O'Neal 





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